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New price increase information

Dear Customers Please Note: Over the last few months, we are receiving price increases with all our costs from diesel, cost of deliveries and cost of products due to price increases, production, and deliveries throughout the UK. We have made a point not to pass as increases to our loyal customers since 2019 but feel we have no other option at this point.

As of Monday, 27th September 2021 and over the next few months we are expecting fluctuating prices with our milk & goods mainly due to a worldwide shortage and we will have to pass these costs onto our customers. We cannot inform everyone of daily of changes but simply want to make you aware in case you do notice any changes in you invoices.

We will not be making any extra profit from these increases but simply passing on the cost so we can continue to offer our services throughout Leicestershire as we always have. We are a family run company who count on our customers to remain in business and hope & pray for your support as you always have in the past. As soon as the markets settle, and everything stabilises costs should go down and we are more than happy to reduce the prices as they come down us. Many Thanks as always for your custom.

Jason Joyce