Why is my bill showing an item that I did not get or canceled, but I am being charged for: This is because the invoice was generated before the item was removed. Do not worry you have not been charged, your next invoice will reflect this.

I have paid my last invoice but I still cannot log onto my account to make changes. This is because you have paid last weeks invoice, the week ahead orders have exceeded your Credit limit, another payment needs to be made to gain access, even if it is showing £0.00.

Why is my Balance showing as £0.00 but it still says I have exceeded my credit limit. This is because the invoice is generated on a Saturday to calculate what you have had during the week, but as you are adding items the system is calculating it, so when it goes beyond your limit it blocks your account so you can not add anything else until payment has been made.


Direct Debit – This is taken in arrears the system calculates your deliveries for the past month up to the last Saturday of the month, it is taken from your bank roughly 4 working days later.

BACS / STANDING ORDER: Account details: Sort Code 09-01-29 Account Number 22109488. Please be sure to use your Account URN or Address as Ref.

Card Payment: Either by Logging into your online account or by calling us on 07876 712 824. Please be aware we having a High volume of calls, so one of the other ways could be quicker.

Cheque Sending it into us (Make it out to Dairy2door LTD and please put your address on the back) or leave it out for your Milkman. You can leave Cash out for your Milkman. He will not knock on your door.


Why can’t I be informed if an item is out of stock? Because we do not know if it is by the time your delivery is due, as our stock levels change all the time, and our Milkmen have not got the time to leave a note, we are not Tesco or a substitute for it, we are Milkmen / Women. You are on a Milk delivery round.

Why have I been left a Substitute item? This is because our milkmen would rather leave you something rather than nothing.

Why have I been charged £1.50 for delivery? This is because you have not set up a regular order with us, We are A Doorstep Milk Delivery along with Household essentials, we are not a substitute for Tesco. We have many loyal customers who have a delivery year on year. However NHS delivery is Free.

Why has my delivery not arrived? This can be because we cannot find your house, or the Milkman missed you out or there was a problem and he could not get to your house, you will not be charged.

Why am I missing an Item? This is because it is out of stock, you will not be charged, you can put it on your next delivery should you wish.

BANK HOLIDAY – We deliver as normal on Bank Holidays apart from Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Years Day.

CUT OFF ORDER TIME: You can make changes to your order the day before delivery up to 6pm, by logging on to your account 7 day’s a week. Alternatively Our Office hours are Mon To Fri: 9am – 5pm, Sat: 9am – 1pm. for Phone & Email. We are closed on Sunday. We can not guarantee the item will be in stock, for next-day changes.


We deliver In Leicester / Leicestershire, please contact us to find out if we are in your area.


Why does the phone go to answer phone? Because we have a large volume of calls, if we did not have it on we would only talk to very few customers in the day. So please state your full address including postcode, and the nature of your call, if it is to make a change to your order please state the change in your message, whether you want to add something or take it away. Or if it is a Bill query or you want to make a payment, please leave your name and address and one of us will get back to you. Thank you for understanding. You can also leave a text.

Office Opening Hours

We are Open: Monday To Fri: 9am To 5pm, Sat: 9am – 1pm. Closed on Sunday. So if you send an email or phone message it will not be picked up until the Next Working Day. You can however log into your account 24hrs a day to make changes, next day changes are up to 6pm.