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Covid 19 Deliveries

Milk In Glass Bottles To Your DoorStep.

Please go to the Frequent Questions Page for Answers to the most common questions.

New Customers. Due to overwhelming demand we have suspended Registrations for the time being. If you have already Registerd please bare with us, we will activate as soon as possible.

If you have had a delivery and something is missing, it will be due to the fact we have ran out, you will not be charged, please do not clogg up our phone line or email, as we need them free to help Eldery and Vulnerable customers who need a delivery. Please be considerate.

First and Foremost we are Milkmen / Women, We deliver Milk on a regular basis, along with daily Basics such as Bread, Eggs and such like. We are Not a substitute for Supermarket delivery. If your order does not include a regular wkly order of Milk you will be charged £1.50 for delivery. This does NOT apply to NHS workers where it remains Free.

Our Milkmen follow All the saftey guidlines so as to keep customers safe along with themselves and there families, they are doing a vital job of getting a delivery to everyone.

NHS Workers are VITAL to everyone, putting there lives at risk to help us. So as a Thankyou we are offering a discount to NHS workers. Please contact me when registering. Thankyou For Everything you are doing.