We provide services to our valued clients.

Bringing Back, Fresh Milk In Glass Bottles along with Daily Basics. Throughout these difficult times, we take pride in being a lifeline in serving our local community

“Our Promise, Is To Deliver”

Timeline History


Joined the Milk Industry

Since 1999, Company Director Jason Joyce has worked in the milk industry for a variety of companies as a milk man, holiday cover, supervisor, franchisee, manager, and now owner
of his own company


3rd in the Milkman of the year

Two years after starting his role as a milkman, Jason finished third in a national milkman competition with over 10,000 milkmen nominated.


Founded Dairy2Door

Dairy2Door was founded in 2015 and continues to thrive and provide the local community
with quality milk.


Keeping the tradition alive

Keeping alive the great tradition of the Milkman, delivering to your door on a regular basis
whilst also supporting our British dairy farmers. 


Glass bottles reintroduced to the rounds

We now deliver pints of Milk In “GLASS BOTTLES” as well as Plastic & good’s throughout Leicester & Leicestershire. We have also invested heavily in Low Emission vehicles. We deliver Twice a week, free of charge.
Most recently this year we have received a care in the community award for our services during lockdown.